Accepted Graduate Consortium Students

  • "Human-AI Interaction in Symbolic Problem Solving",  Ben Jones
  • "Supporting Effective Strategies for Resolving Vulnerabilities Reported by Static Analysis Tools",  Justin Smith
  • "The Novice Programmer Needs a Plan",  Kathryn Cunnigham
  • "Using Program Analysis to Improve API Learnability",  Kyle Thayer
  • "Towards Scaffolding Complex Exploratory Data Science Programming Practices",  Mary Beth Kery
  • "Towards Supporting Knowledge Transfer of Programming Languages",  Nischal Shrestha
  • "Creating Interactive User Interfaces by Demonstration using Crowdsourcing",  Rebecca Krosnick
  • "Assisting the Development of Secure Mobile Apps with Natural Language Processing",  Xueqing Liu
  • "Using Electroencephalography (EEG) to Understand and Compare Students’ Mental Effort as they Learn to Program Using Block-Based and Hybrid Programming Environments",  Yerika Jimenez