Accepted Showpieces

  • "Code review tool for Visual Programming Languages",  Giuliano Ragusa and Henrique Henriques
  • "Fritz: A Tool for Spreadsheet Quality Assurance",  Patrick Koch and Konstantin Schekotihin
  • "HTML Document Error Detector and Visualiser for Novice Programmers",  Steven Schmoll, Anith Vishwanath Meeduturi, Mohammad Ammar Siddiqui, Boppaiah Koothanda Subbaiah and Caslon Chua
  • "Automated Test Generation Based on a Visual Language Applicational Model",  Mariana Cabêda and Pedro Santos
  • "The GenderMag Recorder's Assistant",  Christopher Mendez, Andrew Anderson, Brijesh Bhuva and Margaret Burnett
  • "Toward an Efficient User Interface for Block-Based Visual Programming",  Yota Inayama and Hiroshi Hosobe